A specialist platform for credit-based strategies

The Arcfina platform has been designed from the ground up to fully support credit strategies and workflows, specifically addressing the key nuances of this important, yet under-serviced, market sector.

  • Credit-focused asset class and workflows: bonds, loans, repos, credit default swap, interest rate swap, etc.
  • Credit-focused transparent analytics: duration, DV01, deltas, betas, etc.
  • Flexible Excel-style portfolio construction and analysis grid to filter, slice and dice portfolio
  • Modelling, what-if scenarios and automated trade order generation, using external benchmarks as required
  • Interactive investment compliance to enforce mandate limits
  • Order management, allocations, placements & trade capture
  • Strong support for primary market workflows
  • Fluid data model enabling custom columns, formulae, classifications and tags
  • Strategy, pairs-trading & hedging workflows
  • Multi-currency & FX
  • Integrated with major market data providers
  • Integrated symbology service
  • Modern cloud-based technology & architecture (no upgrades!)

Why Arcfina?

No compromise on workflow or analytics

Designed with the specific needs of credit managers foremost, the Arcfina does exactly what you need it to do – no compromise.

Flexible data model & analytics

Built from the ground up to accommodate multiple data sources, custom columns and transparent analytics, the Arcfina has the flexibility of Excel within an enterprise software platform.

No time-consuming implementation or upgrades

Built on a modern, cloud-native, browser-based technology, not limited by legacy architecture and eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive upgrades.

High performance, budget-friendly

The Arcfina is a high-performance, low-cost solution for managers that specialise in credit which removes the need to purchase expensive, legacy software.

Beta programme design input and commercial benefits

The beta programme allows you to have input to the designs and workflows of the platform, ensuring that the nuances of your workflow are encapsulated within the system. The beta programme also offers significant commercial benefits.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out more, arrange a demonstration or simply discuss how Arcfina can help streamline your portfolio management. Plus, our no-obligation beta programme has space for one or two more credit managers to help shape the product and benefit from preferential commercials. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

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